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What I've Been Up To

I have to say, it feels pretty surreal writing this. I have really missed this creative outlet and corner of the internet. For a while, I have been trying to figure out the right time to get back to blogging, but I was always so afraid (who the heck knows why... I was in my own head). But recently, I have been living by the quote "nothing changes if nothing changes" (more on that later) and here we are. I am writing my first blog post in over two years.

A lot has changed in two years. From 25 to 27, I feel like I have done a whole lot of growing, and I don't think the growing is going to stop anytime soon. For instance... my boyfriend and I bought our first house almost eight months ago!

While there is a whole lot of goodness and life in between, we are going to focus on the house for now, as that has been pretty much all-consuming for the last eight months. We were so lucky to have found this little 1970's ranch-style home in the perfect location, which hadn't even been placed on the market yet. Funny enough, my boyfriend's childhood librarian was the owner!

While it was "livable" when we moved in, the main living area needed to be completely gutted. There was significant mold/water damage in the cabinets, and nothing had been updated since it was built, so we didn't even bother putting any kitchen items away.

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we spent our time refinishing the hardwood floors in our master so we could move our bed into that room. We have been chipping away at it ever since.

Oh, and by "we" I mean we are re-doing our house 100% on our own. No contractors.

My boyfriend, Wes, and his cousins and uncles have been doing most of the work (I am usually driving to the hardware store for miscellaneous house items and making sure they stay hydrated and fed, which is fine by me!). But seriously, it is amazing how talented these men are.

The above photo is where we are at now. What started as a kitchen, small living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms, is starting to turn into an open concept kitchen/living area, and I could not be more excited! Since we completely gutted the main living area, we were able to relocate our kitchen to a much larger space (the blue rectangle will be our kitchen island!).

One day, we were standing in the newly opened space and Wes says to me "I think we should knock out the attic and do a high ceiling." At first, I was unsure, but the guy clearly had a vision. For the ceiling, we decided to do a tongue-and-groove (which is almost finished!), and will be doing shiplap (!!!) on the walls.

Needless to say, this has been a huge undertaking (including not having a functional kitchen whatsoever for eight months). Our home renovations will be a big part of the blog, so I hope you enjoy following along with the progress!

I would love to know, is there any home content you would love to see? Once everything is done, you better believe I will be sharing a ton of home decor.

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading! It feels so, so good to be back.