Virginia Tech Graduation

photo by Laura Wolff
This past Friday, I graduated from college. Since not all of my credits were granted when I transferred, I had to forgo the Spring graduation. Which was fine, because I got to graduate along side my boyfriend! Although the above photos were taken a few months ago, on my graduation day I wore an orchid lei and this dress (now on sale!). The Hawaiian lei tradition was started by my mom and some other moms for our high school graduation!

Although I am sad that this chapter of my life is over, I am so excited for what is ahead. My time at Virginia Tech helped me grow into a person that I could not have imagined becoming, and I met some truly amazing and life-long friends along the way! If you are a student or graduate of Virginia Tech, you know that there is no place on earth quite like it, and I know that it will always be my home whenever I come back and visit (okay, I better stop before I start crying!).

A special thank you to every single person who helped and supported me along the way!


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