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What's In My Carry On: Personal Item

So you have either checked your suitcase or its in the overhead compartment. Now there are the extras that you either need for your flight or want to have close by. I have been traveling a lot lately, mostly just using a carry-on and a personal item. So today I am sharing with you what I pack in my personal item to make sure I have everything I need to make my flight comfortable.

As soon as I sit down, I wipe my area down with these wipes. It helps me feel like my space is clean and my own for the next few hours. Traveling can be so germy, so this gives me piece of mind as I start or end my trip.

Comfort & Entertainment

Noise Canceling Headphones: I will never forget the first time I flew to San Francisco (a five hour flight for me) and I forgot my headphones. The flight attendant gave me a pair of earbuds to use, but they were uncomfortable and didn't block out any noise. I knew at that point that I wanted to invest in a pair of noise canceling ones. My dad got me these for Christmas and they are absolutely amazing and 100% worth the investment. I also love that they are wireless so I don't have to deal with a cord. I really don't listen to music (even though these are great for that!), so I just turn on the noise canceling feature and nap or read a book.

Neck Pillow: I have this one and I love it. I feel like I look so silly wearing it, but getting some decent sleep on a long flight is crucial (especially if you want to hit the ground running on your first day of vacation). This totally helps me get some rest.

Book: Like I said, I really don't listen to music on planes (if there isn't a place to charge my phone, I refuse to use it. I am paranoid about my phone dying while traveling!). I honestly just try to close my eyes and relax or sleep a majority of the flight, but I usually pack a light book in case I get bored. I have been reading this one on my flights and it is so cute!

Everyday Essentials

Purse: I also pack my purse in my carry-on. I always go with a smaller cross-body while traveling so I can be hands-free on my trip. No one wants to cart around a heavy tote while sight seeing! Inside my purse I'll store any travel documentation along with the following:

Wallet: I love this one because of its size and just holds the essentials. It also comes with a coin purse so I have a place to store loose change and cash.

Extras: I'll also pack my sunglasses, portable phone charger, and anything else I may need to keep in my purse. When traveling to Napa and Sonoma, I always pack these

When traveling with a carry-on, I pack all of my makeup and toiletries in my personal item to leave as much room as possible for extra clothes, shoes, and accessories in my carry-on bag. I have a few different Truffle pouches and pack them all in a larger clutch (that I can also use as an extra handbag on my trip!) this way everything stays in one place and I can reach for things easily.


Chargers: I put all of my chargers and earbuds in this Truffle pouch. My phone charger broke last time I was in Napa and my phone died the first day, so now I always pack multiples! I also love this pouch because I can also use it as a wristlet on my trip.

Freshen-Up: Long flights really take a toll on your skin, so I keep a few essentials with me to freshen up after a long flight. I love this Rosewater spray to help rehydrate my skin. I also pack a travel-sized hand lotion, lip balm, and lipgloss.

Toiletries: I pack all of my toiletries in this Truffle pouch. I love that it is TSA approved and I don't have to worry if something spills. I actually just leave all of my toiletries in here all the time, and pull it out when I have a trip. When I run out of something, I'll just add it back in. I love buying all of my toiletry items here because they carry a lot of travel-sized versions of my favorite products. These photos remind me that I need to get a new mini hairspray!


Lastly, I bring my makeup in my carry-on. I use an old Vera Bradley makeup bag that is able to store all of my travel makeup and brushes. There is a front pocket where I also put my toothbrush and travel-sized tooth paste.

I hope these tips help you pack for your next trip!


  1. So with you on the wipes! I always include my toothbrush, toothpaste and a spare pair of undies in case my luggage gets lost.

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