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French Blue

outfit details:

While I love 'millennial pink' as much as the next girl, my favorite color will always be French blue. My bedroom growing up and my current bedspread are both that color and while I think it looks lovely in a home, It is such a beautiful shade to wear!

I have been on the hunt for a shirtdress for quite some time. How did I not have one before?! None of them met my requirements, though (until this one). I wanted something casual, relaxed, yet well-made and this fit the bill. My only complaint is that it doesn't also come in white! Oh yeah, did I mention it was from ABERCROMBIE?! Yes. Abercrombie & Fitch.

One of my first jobs in high school was at an Abercrombie. I had to stand at the front and say "hey, what's going on?" as I meticulously folded clothes. We will file those skill-sets under 'character building' ;) and once the Abercrombie trend was out, it was out in a big way. I am so excited they are making a comeback and have totally revamped their brand (I am pleased to inform you that there is no moose to be found on this dress). I have already purchased so many things for summer and their dresses are so good! I just purchased this and this!

Tip for shopping at Abercrombie: although the clothing has improved (and I swear their prices have dropped, too) the store still has a strong scent of 'Fierce' in the air (honestly, it is probably so saturated at this point, there is nothing getting that out). So I highly suggest ordering online to avoid the scent! Nothing like a smell that reminds you of those awkward high school years!

outfit details:
blue shirt dress (under $60!), sandals, hat

In other news, I turned 25 on Sunday! So crazy. Am I really twenty five? It was a fun weekend filled with friends and family. My sweet mom treated me to a girls getaway filled with champagne, lounging by the pool and massages! (My massage therapist asked if it was my 18th birthday. I'll enjoy that someday, right?) I have a feeling that twenty five is going to be the best year yet.

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